About Us

About Us

Why should you work with us? We will give you the education and guidance to help you manage your money and secure your future.

Who We Are


Gill Private Wealth provides simple, sensible and easy to understand financial advice where our clients’ best interest serves as a foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship.

We have more than two decades of experience in financial advice and have worked with clients like you, across their different stages in life. We take a consultative approach, piecing together financial and lifestyle advice that puts our clients in a better position.

Our Logo

The Quill – a quill predates the dip pen, the fountain pen and the ballpoint pen. It denotes authenticity and uniqueness. We believe that each client has a unique need and we work to present an authentic solution to their needs and wants.

The Tree – a tree when fully mature denotes stability and it provides countless benefits; however, it needs to be nurtured in its early stages to make sure that its root system is fully developed. We strongly believe that a financial plan must have a good root system; a strong foundation to weather any unexpected road blocks that may arise in the journey.

Our logo denotes a quill mapping out a tree. In similar fashion, we map out your financial plan taking into consideration your unique position and ensuring that it is built on a strong foundation, is authentic and puts you in a stable and better position.

Our Client Value Proposition

“We work with you to achieve your financial aspirations and enhance your lifestyle. We do this by listening, understanding, empathizing and designing workable solutions that are tax effective and cash flow positive.”

How you benefit

  • You benefit from our 26 years’ experience in financial services assisting people across their different stages in life, meaning we usually have helped someone in a similar position to yours.
  • Our work in the Wealth Accumulation, Preservation, Distribution and Protection space allows you to have a choice of targeted or holistic advice and gives you peace of mind knowing that your needs are taken care of.
  • Our strategic relationships with other finance and legal professionals means you have a choice of holistic financial advice; advice that is delivered in a meaningful, beneficial and professional manner where every adviser works coherently for your best interest.
  • The good work we do translates to referrals from you; people you know, who you believe will benefit from our services.

Our Advice Delivery

  • We recognize that you are unique and we develop plans that are tailored to your needs
  • We implement simple, sensible and easy to understand solutions that are comprehensive and meet your needs
  • We manage expectations in regards to timelines in implementing plans
    We monitor and gauge the effectiveness of your plan on an ongoing basis and propose adjustments when needed
  • We ensure that you are well informed at all times and your knowledge enhanced via regular updates and communication