Wealth Distribution

Wealth Distribution
What is it and When does it happen
It revolves around planning for our wealth when we are no longer around and when our wealth passes to our loved ones
How We can Help
We get an insight of how you want your wealth to be distributed and work with specialists to create an estate plan that distributes your wealth in a manner that is tax effective, timely and protects the interests of your intended beneficiaries
Why We Help
We have seen challenges arising from scenarios where there is no estate plan, or a poorly constructed estate plan. We believe that all the time and effort that was taken in accumulating and preserving your wealth should not be in vain by not having a good wealth distribution plan.
Tools we use
The estate plans are prepared by professionals specializing in the Estate Planning field. The following are types of instruments used:
- Comprehensive wills
- Testamentary trusts
- Powers of attorney
- Guardianship provisions
- Business Succession Plan (Buy Sell Agreements, Key Person)