Wealth Accumulation

Wealth Accumulation
What is it and When does it happen
It refers to the stage of life where we work to accumulate wealth. It begins when we start our working life, right through to the time where we have a choice between wanting to work or having to work
How We can Help
We listen and understand what you want to achieve. We articulate and present a workable solution that is simple, sensible and easy to understand. We go along with you in your journey and advise on changes when your circumstances change.
Why We Help
Decades of experience have taught us that people need assistance with this phase of their journey, they need to get it right not just in the formative years but also the growth and mature stages of wealth accumulation
Tools we use
Any strategy is often complemented by a product and the appropriate structure. With wealth accumulation, products recommended include but are not limited to:

- Managed funds
- Direct shares
- Real estate investment trusts
- Listed investment companies
- Exchange Traded Funds
- Investment bonds

When it comes to structure and depending on your circumstances, we recommend the use of:

- Superannuation including Self-Managed Super Funds
- Company or corporate structure
- Family Trust or Unit Trust
- Personal or Joint Names