Wealth Preservation

Wealth Preservation
What is it and When does it happen
This is where we have a choice of wanting to work instead of having to work. Wanting to work means you are in a position where you have accumulated sufficient wealth to fund your lifestyle
How We can Help
We ensure that you have the income for your desired lifestyle, taking into consideration your short, medium and long term capital requirements. We do this by selecting suitable investments and are guided by your appetite towards risk and the relevant trade-offs that come with taking risk.
Why We Help
People in this phase often have mixed feelings and challenges when it comes to spending their wealth; often fearing that they may not have enough to spend in the future if they spend more currently. They need assurance that what they are doing is right and is sustainable in the long term.
Tools we use
In addition to the products and structures described in wealth accumulation, we use:

- Lifetime Annuities
- Account Based Pensions and Transition to Retirement Income Streams
- Centrelink Age Pension amongst others