Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection
What is it and When does it happen
This stage is relevant throughout the accumulation, preservation and distribution phases of our lives. It refers back to the root system of the tree that we referred to in our logo; the foundation. It involves having a layer of protection around our wealth strategy
How We can Help
We advise on the appropriate structures for holding wealth and advocate having contingencies in place for short, medium and long term interruptions in the financial plan, interruptions that can potentially derail the entire plan.
Why We Help
We have seen many instances, where assets have been subject to a challenge from relationship breakdowns and creditors if not structured properly. We also understand why people do not plan for events that could prevent them from working; a serious illness or an accident that may cause a disability or pre mature death. We hope to challenge their thoughts while respecting their views.
Tools we use
In addition to the estate planning products described in wealth distribution, we explain and recommend the use of:

- Life Insurance
- Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
- Trauma Insurance and
- Income Protection Insurance.